Fired work.
Copper Red and Mirror Black glazes.
Enclosed forms and Mechanical.
See A! for contrast before and after firing.

A1 Glaze ready for firing.

A2 Glazed work ready to be fired.

Ready For Glaze Firing.
Enclosed forms on the left and Mechanical
forms on the right.
Examples of the glazes can be viewed in
"Gazes" and recipes.

Student viewing fired work.

Glazed work ready for firing.

Tea pots and Enclosed ready for glaze firing.

View showing supported appendages for Mechanical forms.

View of fired Enclosed forms.

Glazed work ready for firing.

Fired work.

View from the top of the firing.

View from the front of the kiln.

Completed bisque firing.

Completed firing see A2 to compare the difference before and after firing.
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